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" Just a few words to let you know that we are enjoying out Tuxedo Body Sled. The students use it as part of their clinical practicum. It is indeed a valuable resource in handling human remains. I wanted to thank you again for providing it to us. Best regards. "

- Dr. Joseph A. Marsaglia Jr, CFSP
Dean / Chief Operating Officer
Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science
June 2017

"The Tuxedo Body Sled not only is easy to use but great for storage and transportation in our removal vehicle. The removable poles make it easy for use in tight situations, and the sleek black look makes it very inconspicuous during house removals. This device makes our reeves a thing of the past, and would recommend this to any funeral home or removal service."

- Thomas G. Kukuchka, CFSP
Sheldon-Kukuchka Funeral Home Inc.
February 2017

" The “Body Sled” is by far the most innovative piece of equipment introduced to the funeral industry in years.

I am a funeral director in my mid 50’s and I can no longer move human remains like I used to because of a back surgery. I have used the “Body Sled” to carry remains from upstairs to downstairs to the removal cot. The cot can be quite cumbersome going up and down stairs and around corners.

We have also used the “Body Sled” to place human remains in rental caskets. When the funeral is over, the “Body Sled” is still in place under the remains and we are able to lift the body out with ease.

The “Body Sled” can also be used with any mortuary body lifts. It is quick, easy and gentle on the back. I would highly recommend all funeral homes to keep a “Body Sled” in each of their removal cots. "

- Kristan Funeral Home
Mundelein, IL. 60060
September 23, 2014

"I have been using the Body Sled for over a year now and keep one on each of my removal cots. I also have one in my morgue for casketing remains.

This product is beneficial because it cocoons the remains and reduces the chance of desquamation, thereby reducing the risk of leakages and cutting down the cost of plastic undergarments when dressing remains. It also decreases the risk of back injuries which is priceless. It is beneficial in a home removal situation because the remains are not always lying flat which does not allow a Reeves stretcher to be used. It also contains any leakages that might happen in the home which allows for less discomfort for the family when the funeral director is conducting business. I would no longer do a removal without one of these in my removal vehicle or on my Mortuary cot. "

- Hamilton Funeral Home, Inc.
Orwigsburg, PA 17961
September 23, 2014